Supporting our community…

Part one...

We were recently invited along as a local business to Holton St Peter Primary School.

Headteacher, Mrs J Righton, wanted the children to get involved with designing some mascots for their school house teams. So Rachel popped in for a little study session with some of the pupils from each house. She held a workshop and together they designed the elements of their mascots.

Rachel then took these back to Apparition HQ where they were designed on the computer. These were then reviled at the end of week assembly.

I was so excited about going into the school to work on this project with the children.

They were really excited about creating their characters.

I felt honoured to be involved in the process and to help them bring it all to life. 

Rachel Ducker

Part two...

After such a successful response from the children, both Rachel and Sam, were invited back to Holton St Peter to judge The School Bake Off competition. 

After this Rachel met with Mrs Righton and Deputy Head Mr Holt, and offered the school a brand new website, donated to the school by Apparition Marketing & Design. 

We visited the school, along with our favourite photographer, Andrew Florides, and had an afternoon photoshoot with the consent from parents, to support the new website. 

The website was then built, and along with Mr Holt, content was added. 

It was then handed over for the school to run and manage. 

Mrs J Righton


“We would like to thank Rachel and Apparition Marketing and Design for donating this very special gift to us. We can now keep parents and students updated with news and information. We are just so grateful”.

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Owner and founder of Apparition Marketing & Design.